Why We Are Hiking

Zack Davis, in his book Appalachian Trails, suggests having a list of reasons why you are hiking the trail.  That way when your body aches all over, everything in your pack is soaking wet, and the romantic view of the trail has worn off you can remind yourself why you started the journey in the first place.  Kim and I will have our lists with us to refer to when things get hard.

Seth’s Reasons for Hiking  

Reasons to Not Quit!

  • my soul needs fresh air 
  • stop doing for a while and find what it means to simply be
  • learn more about myself and who I really am, who God is, and who my wife is
  • find out what things I really need in life. simplicity, everything I need is on my back
  • adventure (remember it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong!) 
  • accomplish something I want to do, no societal expectations or pressure, this is something I have chosen to do solely because I feel like I need to
  • my heart feels like it is where I am supposed to be for now
  • I want to live a good story 
Kim’s Reasons for Hiking
  • to be with Seth
  • to learn more about myself and my capabilities, I want to push my physical and mental limits
  • a start on the path to simple and sustainable living
  • experience silence, solitude and community
  • I want to live close with creation and reconnect with nature and God
  • I saw thru-hikers in the Shenandoah National Park as a kid and dreamed of being one of them
  • it’s totally awesome and hardcore
Last night, my best friend reminded me of a time (before Seth) when she and I were walking north of our small college town, and I was gushing about my plans and dreams to thru hike the Appalachian Trail.  I dreamt about hiking after college and tried to convince her that it would be a good idea to hike it with me.  Well, 4 years later that dream has evolved into a reality perpetuated by my lovely husband.  It’s because of his drive and motivation that my dream has come to fruition.  Happy trails folks! 

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