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The address below is the next post office we will be at along the trail.  If you would like to send us an encouraging note, a joke, or something to blow our minds we would love it!  If you do not think the letter will arrive by the ETA date you can wait and we will change the address to the next post office.

Seth and Kim Binford

C/O General Delivery

Hampton, TN 37658

Please hold for AT Hiker

ETA June 6, 2012

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When we are in town we will check this page for comments, so go ahead and leave a post!


9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Yay! SO excited for you two! We’ll be praying for you on your journey. You’ll have such great stories to tell your kids someday! 😉

  2. Wow… So, I have added you both to my hero list. So far, that includes Jesus, my mom and brother for kicking drugs, and you for being awesome and brave and perhaps stupid in incredible ways. I mean that as a compliment, I hop you tae it as such. I love you both. I am interviewing for a job on Tuesday. If I get that job, I’ll be dropping my apartment and going home for the summer. If I am able to make enough monies over the summer to buy a new computer, and more than my plane ticket home, I would love to join you for a bit on the trail before I get head to Hugoton in at the beginning of August to start my first year of teaching (Pretty please Lord?). How far are you planning to walk a day? and how can I begin to train for, say, a week of walking with you? Where will you be around the last week of June? I am super excited, and a little nervous for you. God is good. May He watch over you and shower you with every provision and protection you need, May He bring you closer to Himself through His creation, and closer to each other as you reach personal limits you’ve never experienced before. May our Lord give you pure grace for one another and use this as an opportunity to build in you a deeper love for each other, and true spirits of servanthood. I bind Satan from any of his schemes for your trip. May Jesus’ light shine on any and every lie he would have you believe about yourselves, each other, or any of God’s creation. May the Lord encourage you everyday from His word, either written or stored up in your hearts. and like I posted on your facebook… May the days be beautiful and the blisters be few! I love you both! Blessings!!!! ~Christina Jeki

    • Christina!! We would love for you to come hike with us! We don’t know exactly where we will be at that point but we are shooting to be at Harpers Ferry Virginia by the beginning of July. As of now we are hiking around 13 miles a day but anticipate to be around 20. But if you come out we’ll hike at whatever pace 🙂 For a week you would need a backpack, sleeping bag, 1 outfit, rain jacket and food. You wouldn’t need to bring a tent, water filter or stove because we have those things! I love you and think you are amazing!

      • Awesome! I got the job today, step one complete. James is interested in coming too. We might be hiking parts of the pacific crest trail to gear up. May the Lord give us the funds and make a way. Wahoo! I meant to say the end of July. Oh, and I sent a letter to your address and it came back. When you discover the problem,let me know and I’ll resend it. Love you both! Way to go! 13 miles is incredible. I don’t know that I could swing 20, but I’ll working getting in shape. Blessings!

  3. Just a question—this PO Box # is the zip code for Gatlinburg…
    [PO Box 37738
    Gatlinburg TN]
    Coincidence or should we send a note to somewhere else…possibly Nantahala Outdoor Center at 1138 Pkway…
    Let us know!

  4. I tried sending something to this address and it came back address unknown. I say hold off until they sign on again and give us the right address.

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