Just a quick update for everyone….

I got back on the trail only to continue feeling miserable, even after a good chunk of rest and different shoes. I could hardly walk on my foot after 5 miles of hiking but continued for another 25.  So, I got back off because it was feeling pretty unbearable and we thought it could be a stress fracture.  It turned out to be damage in some ligaments and needs 6 weeks to heal.  I am pretty bummed and it’s difficult to be off, but I feel fortunate I was able to do at least 250 miles of it!  I am staying at my mom’s house in Asheville while Seth is continuing to hike and he just passed 350 miles!  He posted a new address for his next mail drop and I’m sure he would love some encouragement since he’s hiking alone and missing me 🙂

Thanks for all of the prayers and support! You, friends, are amazing and an inspiration to us! Please feel free to send some love my way, I miss Seth and the trail and feel pretty restless.  I’m going to try to meet him periodically before he gets too far north for a day drive and I will do my best to keep you posted on how he is doing!

Love you all!


7 thoughts on “350

  1. Oh, Kim, I’m so sorry that you are having to change your plans and feel restless. You still have such a wonderful attitude! 🙂 of course. You are amazing still and I will be praying for your healing and for Seth. I wish we could come visit you!! Love you bunches!

  2. Kim… I’m crying for you!!! Really, I seriously am. I’m sorry this is a necessary break for you. I know you’d love to be on the trail. But, you are making a good, healthy, wise decision. We’ll be praying for safety and joy for Seth, and patience and peace for you. Love you so much. Thank you for the updates.

  3. We love you both and are thinking and praying for you daily! So sorry to hear of your injury, Kim. I know you will be able to find the goodness in this situation. Enjoy some extra time with your momma and heal. 🙂 This is just part of your journey.

  4. glad all is okey there,we sure do love to hear from you,sorry to hear about your foot.but at least your going to be okey and you did hike along way.staysafe and keep us posted,we love you all

  5. So sorry Kim. I can only imagine the heartache. We love you guys and we are praying for you both. I am so amazed and in awe at what you guys have accomplished and still have in mind. Its truly inspiring. We will continue to pray for safety and healing. Love you guys!

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