2 Year Anniversary

We are still alive, after 15 days of hiking! Over the past two weeks we have developed somewhat of a trail family. Everyone hikes their own hike, but there are certain faces that show up repeatedly at shelters. Shelters are small, three wall, shack-like buildings, that hikers and mice can sleep in and find refuge from the rain. When the rain does come, everyone packs in to the shelter. After some intense rain all night and the following day (and a steep uphill for 7 miles) 15 of us piled into a 14 man shelter. Everyone and everything was completely soaked and freezing, so a packed smelly shelter was obviously bliss. To stay occupied and warm, I led stretching on the top bunk shared by 6 other smelly, wet hikers and had a few good laughs.




The rain made the trail rather treacherous which made walking quite difficult. After about 15 falls, 3 of them resulting in minor injuries, we experienced a sunny, glorious day. Fortunately, it was also our 2 year anniversary! We made it into a cute town, stocked up on groceries, got some free icecream (for our anniversary) and landed a sweet mountain hotel. I do have some intense blisters between my toes that developed from wet socks, and a swollen knee from the rainy rock mud path fiasco and yet, Seth seems to be in perfect health. Oh well, probably better me than him 🙂 but for now, life is grand and I am clean and cozy. Happy 2 year anniversary to my lovely husband!





11 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary, Kim and Seth! It’s good to know that you guys are having a great time. Stay safe and have fun!


  2. Thanks for the update. Praying for safety and good weather! Hope your blisters and injuries heal quickly and fully! Love you so much. Molly

  3. Looks like you are having a wonderful time – safe hiking!!

    Congrats on your anniversary, may you be blessed with many more awesome, fun-filled ones!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Kim & Seth! Your photos are great, Seth and your report of trail life is very engaging, Kim. In just a few weeks or less you will should experience warmer weather! I can tell you are enjoying it all anyway.

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