First 100 Miles

We made it through Georgia! Not only did we make it, but we loved every step of it. My lovely mom drove us to the parking lot that leads to Springer Mt and hiked the first mile to the summit with us. That was pretty special because she hasn’t hiked since her knee replacement surgery over a year ago. We were fortunate to have her meet us at a few road crossings with our extra gear if we needed it. She is now known by other hikers as “Trail Mom” for giving out apples and cold snicker bars.

So far it has been easier than we thought it would be. Our bodies aren’t falling apart and my feet feel like floating clouds. Things are sore and stiff at the end of the day but miraculously, by morning we both feel renewed. When our knees ache and our feet are throbbing we just walk it off and 5 miles later nothing hurts! I must say, I am thankful for my 15-20 lb pack and minimalist shoes which enable me to hike 12-14 miles each day and enjoy it. We have met some people who are pushing 20-25 miles a day and have motivated us to amp up our game and get more miles in! We are going to stay under 15 miles for the first 3 weeks to prevent injury but we are looking forward to longer days.

We have heard it said that it is not about the miles, but it’s all about the miles. Each mile means new forest, new path, new creatures, early dewy mornings, bright afternoons, bustling evenings, and the opportunity to experience something incredible with every step. Here’s to 100 miles.



5 thoughts on “First 100 Miles

  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t believe you are already to NC (it is clearly gonna be the most awesome state on your journey—hehe šŸ˜‰ )
    Me and Jason love you guys so much! Every time I sent out a facebook message for a fellowship or frisbee game I think of you guys and I get a little sad that I don’t get to see you but then I get super excited thinking about the amazing adventure you are on! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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