Final Preparations

Kim and I had such an incredible last week in Wichita.  We felt so encouraged and supported by all of our friends and family as we said our goodbye’s and feel truly blessed to know all of you!  Friday morning we were somehow able to fit the rest of our worldly possessions into the Jeep.  After finishing my last final exam of my entire life (whoooo!), picking up Kim after her last day at work, and saying good-bye to Joel and Sara we drove straight through (with the exception of a 45 min. break in a Loves Gas Station where we both passed out) to North Carolina where Kim’s mom lives.  As we were driving to North Carolina it was a weird feeling knowing that we would not be making the trip back since we are planing on staying on the east coast after the trail (we will come back to visit of course!)

Tomorrow evening (Monday) Kim’s mom has graciously chosen to drive us down to Georgia near the start of the trail.  The next morning, May 1st, will be our first day on the trail!  Kim’s mom has a camper and is going to meet us at road crossings for the first few days to make sure we have what we need.  It will be a great send off as we start our journey.  This afternoon we have been sorting through our gear and making a list of a few things we need to pick up tomorrow before we leave.  It looks like both of our packs are right about 10 lb. a piece which has been our goal.  Our next post will be from the trail!




5 thoughts on “Final Preparations

  1. I’m so excited for both of you…and am in awe of your sense of adventure. We will surely be praying for your safety and that during this time, God will speak to you in ways you never imagined. God bless you both…I love you :o) xoxo PS You know you can call any time if you need anything at all.

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