168 Day Hikes

People hiking the Appalachian Trail can most often fall under three categories; thru-hikers, section hikers, and week-end/day hikers.  Thru-hikers are people who attempt to hike the entire length of the trail in one calender year.  Section hikers are people who piece the trail together over several years, hiking different sections each year.  Thirdly there are week-end/day hikers who are out for the week-end or day to hike.

Although Kim and I are attempting to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, we consider ourselves day hikers.  It is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged by the magnitude of a six month backpacking trip, so we have decided to break it into smaller sections which will be eaiser to manage… a day.  We will start the trail May 1st and hope to be done by October 15th, giving us 168 days.  Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of its own… 168 day hikes.


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